The Silence


Kendra Elliot

General Fiction / Romance

288 pages

Published by August 25, 2020 by Montlake

A man is savagely murdered outside Portland, and Detective Mason Callahan finds blood-spatter evidence that tells a troubling story. Files reveal the murder victim, Reuben Braswell, was a radical conspiracist. In his home, investigators find pages of diatribes against law enforcement as well as ties to Mason’s fiancée, FBI special agent Ava McLane. The victim was her informant—and had strong reasons to be paranoid.

To Ava, Braswell’s rants were those of a wearying and harmless man…until they collide with her investigation into the murders of police officers and finding the connection becomes urgent. Meanwhile, Braswell’s brother and Ava’s twin sister both disappear, and disturbing acts of sabotage target Ava’s personal life.

For Mason and Ava, the brutal crimes and escalating mysteries create a perfect storm for a terrorist conspiracy that becomes dangerously personal—one that has yet to claim its last victim.

My Thoughts:

I love Kendra Elliot’s books. Ever since I read her author bio and found a fellow Trixie Belden fan I made it a point to read all her books and I’ve never been disappointed. 
Mason and Ava are back in the 5th book of the Callahan & McLane series and the 2nd book in the Columbia River series. I alternately listened to the audio book and read it on my kindle. It was good enough that when I didn’t have time to sit and read anymore I turned on the audio so I could continue with the story. ** there are some f-words so if you have little ears paying attention you may want to use earbuds.** 

Jayne is up to her usual tricks, the wedding is nearing, and they have a killer and cop killer to hunt down. But Mason and Ava are always there for each other.  Ms. Elliot skillfully wove the clues through the story so I alternately was sure I knew who the culprit was and then had doubts about my theory. It was worth the loss of sleep when I got to the end and quietly shouted “I knew it!”

Fans who like a murder mystery with some light romance will be happy with the book. 

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